View of Goroimari PWSS
View of Gariajan PWSS
Tree Plantation at Difaloo Pathar PWSS by Hon'ble MP Kaliabar HPC
Tree Plantation at Difaloo Pathar PWSS by Hon'ble MLA Bokakhat LAC
Surface Water from River Dhanshiri at Chinakan Chariali PWSS
Public meeting at Banuwaripur PWSS
Observing operations at Hahchara Borpak PWSS
Nikori Bortal PWSS
Insde View of Difaloo Pathar PWSS
Hon'ble MP kaliabar HPC at Difaloo Pathar PWSS
Hon'ble Minister of Agriculture inagurating Nikori Bortal PWSS on 18-09-2009
Hon'ble Ex Deputy Speaker Assam Assrembly Sjt Balobhadra Tamuly at Chinakan Chariali PWSS
At Top of Treatment Plant at Banuwaripur PWSS
Address by Hon'ble Minister of Agriculture at Nikori Bortal PWSS
Welcoming SDO Civil Bokakhat at Difaloo Pathar PWSS
Welcoming Chief Engineer (PHED) Assamat Nikori Bortal PWSS
Welcome of Honouble Minister Agriculture, Hon'ble Minister PHE and Hon'ble MLA Bokakhat LAC at Nikori
Welcome of Hon'ble MP, MLA and DC Golaghat at Jugalati PWSS
View of Treatment Plant at Gariajan PWSS
Bokakhat PHE Division Office.
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